The Frequency of God – Mark William Jackson


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The Frequency of God by Mark William Jackson

Mark William Jackson’s work has appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Best Australian Poetry, Popshot, Going Down Swinging & Rabbit. The Frequency of God is his first collection.


Sample some of the poetry below:


The Frequency of God

At a trash ā€˜nā€™ treasure market,
in an average town,
an old radio
encased in bakelite.

Plugged in &
waiting for the valves to warm
I took to the dial with a frothing sense of urgency,
twisting past horse races & rock & roll,
past right wing commentary,
______searching for the frequency of God,
long lost in digital audio,
______sure to be found
in the silver soldered
magic of a romanticised time.

______& there
at the end
of the amplitude modulated band,
______megahertz away from any generic noise,
_____a perfect silence.




even though
I have Joy Division
at top volume
I can still hear the ice
in my whiskey



To Your 18th Birthday

They destroyed all that you had,
& left you in the dark space that was left,
to whisper of madness.
You wrapped yourself in sheets of cellophane
that fell to the ground with each painful sound,
every time someone spoke your father’s name.
So you wrote poetry in a desperate metre,
drew faces of horror with blackened fingers
in the glass of a cruel mirror.
But the mirror was wiped clean,
and the poetry was put aside, classified
as the phase of a troubled teen.
And so to your 18th birthday when
you were supposed to do away with childish things.
You placed a candle in the fireplace
to warm your ashen face,
but never accepted that there was a place
for everything,
& everything in its place.


Hear Mark perform Beat(en) & Saintly


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