Lady Luck – Available Now!


Today I’m sharing an awesome sci-fi comedy “Lady Luck”, written by Ben Mariner – the one is the latest release from Close-Up Books and our second science-fiction title so far!

If you think “Part Golden Girls/Part Firefly” sounds like a great pairing then grab it now at the special launch week price of 99c 😀

You can also visit the brilliant cover artist Janet here: @JanetFig_MADJ and check out the full blurb below, or sample chaper one via the link/cover art!


The last human left in the Omniverse just happens to be a 75 year old woman, and she’s looking to retire ASAP.

But wanting to put down roots is always cue for adventure to start.

Constance Archer is the last human left in the Omniverse – taken from Earth moments before its destruction and sold into slavery, and even though she eventually escaped and became a damn fine smuggler, she and her crew still find themselves chased from planet to planet a little too often.

When Constance is offered a job that will pay enough to finally let her retire, a job she knows is too good to be true, she just can’t pass up the chance. The gig? Collect and deliver a single shipment from a supposedly deserted planet. That’s it. Only what Constance and her crew find is hardly typical contraband: instead, it’s coffin-like crate replete with bubbling tubing and vital sign monitors.

Constance knows it’s a mistake to take the thing aboard but she has an iron rule: never know what you’re smuggling.

And it’s a rule that has served well her in the past… but will it be enough this time?

Part Golden Girls. Part Firefly. All fun.

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