Coming Soon – Intruder!

Coming soon from Close-Up Books!



Ex-Naval Aviator Nina Mercedes joined the Systems Alliance Rangers to get away from the demons that haunt her. The Rangers are assigned to remote outposts and vast tracks of space with only their AI’s to keep them company.

When she arrives on her first outpost, the Ceres Mining Colony, she’s confronted with an ugly truth. Out in the belt, only the Miners Union Authority is the law.

When one of the corporations that mine hydrogen-three starts losing mining probes, they enlist the Ranger to do her job. Track down the missing multi-million-dollar MULES, stop the thefts, recover their property.

With the help of the besieged governor, a mysterious gunfighter, and her stalwart AI, Nina must stay one step ahead of a pair of vicious brothers who have it in their head to collect hers.

However, the MUA has a secret, a secret they are willing to murder to keep. Out of her element, and forty million miles from back up, Nina must uncover the truth, and stop their ruthless plans.

Otherwise, she might find herself on the wrong side of an airlock.

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